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If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

— Mother Teresa (via hqlines)

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Helping my lil bro with his homework
#CoffeeCo (at The Coffee Company)
Good morning☺️

'I hope my hustle don't offend nobody, I can give a fuck what you think about me'

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Back in the Bosses chair  (at In The Cut Barber Salon)

Carl putting the finishing touches on my cut tho😎

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life. growth. love. religion. ↘


i wonder what life is sometimes…. weird thing to wonder i know. but i guess i just wonder why things happen the way they do. why we as humans take certain courses that we take. how growth can be experienced so quickly; painfully at that. and how some can experience it worse than others… although i…

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Johnny Rain - “New Religion / Dimelo”

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Phurpa. Magic dagger. Three edged, topped with a bust of a demon wearing skull girdle holding rope and vajra.
Tibetan Buddhist
18th Century - 19th Century
Penn Museum

Grey-black volcanic stone sculpture representing the Hindu elephant god Ganesha. He is seated on a platform of skulls; the soles of his feet are together, his right leg bent. Two of his four arms are down, two raised. His trunk is reaching into a dish of sweets held in his lower left hand; in his lower right hand he holds a broken tusk (?) and in his upper left hand a string of beads. The skulls and the seated pose with feet together are typical of Ganesha figures from the 13th century East Java kingdom of Singhasari.
Penn Museum


Large, heavy Eskimo pipe of walrus tusk. Detachable bowl and mouth-piece. Chinese type with tiny capacity. Decorated with incised pictorial designs filled with black; four scenes, two of masked dances and two of hunting and fishing.

Penn Museum

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11 reasons why jenny gump is the biggest b**ch in movie history


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